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What are the steps to complete the Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup for a device?


The Third Generation Amazon Echo Dot device is a standout amongst other worth smart speakers you may buy This smooth and convenient device has awesome functionality and support all the smart features. Amazon Echo Sot can share a pleasurable music streaming experience. The device comes with Alexa assistance which means, you can perform a number of smart tasks using the Echo Dot while enjoying the best quality music on your device. But, to enjoy all the features and functionalities of this device, you need to complete the Echo Dot 3rdGeneration Setup on your device. Once you are done, you can do whatever you want using the Echo Dot just with your voice commands.
Setting up the Echo Dot just takes a couple of moments, regardless of whether you're new to this smart device. Here's the instruction by which to get your Amazon Echo Dot fully operational.
Here is the Step by Step instructions to set up the Amazon Echo Dot
Step 1: Download and open the Amazon Alexa application ( for Android and iOS) on your cell phone or tablet.
Step 2: Select the Devices option present in the lower right corner.
Step 3: Press the ‘Plus’ sign in the upper right corner, or click on the Hamburger menu (the three flat lines) in the upper left corner
Step4: "Add a Device."
Step 5: click on the Amazon Echo symbol, followed by the Amazon Echo Dot symbol that shows up on the following screen. At that point, press the picture of the 3rd Gen Echo Dot.
Step 6: Plug in your Echo Dot to a power outlet using the power cable. When the blue light ring has turned orange, your device is in the Setup Mode.
Step 7: Wait for your Amazon Echo Dot to display on your smartphone device and click on it. You are directed to go to your Wi-Fi settings. Once you are there, select the device called "Amazon-XXX." Then, come back to the Alexa application.
Step 8: Choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect your Echo Dot. Enter your password whenever required.
Step 9: Select the external speaker your Echo Dot device may use. On the off chance that you won’t connect your Echo Dot device to an external speaker, it will be your choice.
Step 10: Select the room where your Echo Dot is located (or you can make another room).
Before you set up the Echo Dot, make sure you have the Amazon account. You need Amazon login credentials to log in to the Echo Alexa. So, if you do not have the account, you need to create one first because without that you cannot complete the Echo Dot setup.
The Bottom Line
The aforementioned steps will let you complete the Echo Dot setup for your device without any hassle. Just make sure you follow all the guidelines carefully to avoid the mistake. So, complete the Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup for your device and enjoy the amazing smart services offered by Echo Dot.
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